Vicki's Testimony

About 4 years  ago I was diagnosed with a terrible disease called Gastroparesis. This  was caused from diabetes. This disease doesn't allow your food to  digest. It was very hard to deal with. Then I started having so much  back pain I could hardly do anything. After a year of doctors, pain meds  any many types of physical therapy they finally found a cist on my  lower spine. As bad as that sounds I was relieved to find that there was  help for me. So next step was back surgery in OKC. I was not thrilled  with the idea after going down there and learning more but at 58 yrs old  I really wanted my life back. I was really scared to have the surgery  so I kept praying for God to show me a way and HE did. One morning I  checked my email and I had something about Hemp Oil. Well as you see  I researched and decided to try it. This has been such a blessing for   my family. After just 4 days I could move around the house again and no  more pain meds. My stomach was so much better so I started trying to  get off the other meds. After just 2 weeks of the Hemp Oil I was doing  great so I decided no more shots for diabetes. I quit those and checking  my sugar closely but never a problem. Now I am off all those things  that cause so many side affects and living a healthy pain free life.  There is just not enough words to tell you how happy we are to have me  back again !!